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For the past 15 years, Richard Chambers has been pursuing the parallel careers of Natural History television production and property renovation in the Bristol, Chew Valley and Mendip area, as well as a substantial project abroad with a ‘Grand Design’ timber house built in New Zealand between 2003-2008. 

At the beginning of 2012, after a period of site management for some prestigious property developments in London, Richard has decided to go full time in the building trade and has recruited a team of highly skilled and reliable sub-contractors to help him tackle new projects. With communication skills honed in the media industry and an eye for detail developed through many personal projects, Aardvark offers a whole new client-builder experience.

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Why Aardvark? Well throughout the African Savannah many animals, including ground squirrels, hares, civets, hyenas, jackals, porcupines, warthogs, monitor lizards, and birds use abandoned aardvark holes as shelter. Therefore, ecologists consider the humble ant-eating Aardvark as a 'keystone species' since without its efforts many other animals would have no homes!